Super CRM

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Are you worrying about managing an efficient management system? Are you confused in handling Customer data and Sales related things? Relax! You are at the right place! Team Alwafaa has developed Super CRM to help you out!

Why choose us?

We are proud to achieve the goal of developing Super Customer Relationship Management software to enhance the business, manage customer data and customer data, customer communication, access business information, and automate sales, marketing and client support.

Our experienced team can support you in managing employee vendor and partner relationship. It helps you in monitoring the transactions in business and sales progress. In short, it is an added advantage to keep a track on the daily processes. The automatic reminders and updates will make sure a clear Application of the CRM.

Our active support team is always at your side to help you with the creation of a Super CRM! It can handle all essential features of Customer Management such as identifying the active and inactive clients, all invoice related details, all services under customers, effective Enquiry management which has follow up leads with status, meeting schedules, confirm enquiry with business values, enquiry analysis, sales analysis, sales engineer analysis etc. Along with that it has renewals and payment related options to generate and analyze data effectively.

Enquiry Management

Super CRM has an amazing Enquiry management system to help you with setting up the Enquiries. Our efficient software helps in showing the enquiry status with the number, mode and the required details. It can help you in fixing up the confusions regarding meeting schedules which are prone to change. It enables a systematic enquiry system with business values. An added gain of enquiry analysis makes sure that none of the enquiries will go unnoticed and unattended. A full-fledged Enquiry Analysis gives the report of which type of enquiry comes the most and on what percentage. When you are still confused with the progress of sales, it helps in formulating that as well!

Customer Management

CRM’s impressive customer management option helps in identifying the active client who reciprocates immediately and settles the accounts on time. There can be a section for giving specific directions to identify such an active client as well as an inactive client. This is all inclusive of invoices and payment details. It helps you in figuring out all services under customer related things.

Sales and Management

Thinking of boosting your sales? Super CRM can assist you here!!
We can help you in pointing out the percentage of enquiry coming in or the conversion rate, number of enquiries reaching the sales team members, who closes the deal, which person performs the best and everything related to that. It helps in making sure of quality performance of sales engineers and an easy comparison!

Renewals and Payments

Our Super CRM helps in updated follow up of monthly and yearly basis. It simplifies the headache of catching up with the income renewal and related details. Along with that, it can handle the payment related jobs as well. It can make sure the payments of the previous month, current month and upcoming month with updated invoice

Cheques Management

Let it be any types of cheques, don’t you want it to be simple to handle? Ever thought of digitization of cheques? Super CRM allows you to check on the cancellation, holding, bouncing and everything related to it. An added advantage of quote management via cheques will also be available through this!!


Creating easy invoices with Super CRM! A best friend for small, medium and large scale businesses for automatic invoice generation and updating! We help you make your job easy!


Having headaches in creating reports on sales and progress? CRM is your savior!! It helps in creating reports based on the regular sales and business reports on the weekly data!

Reminders/ Notification

Do you forget things soon? Do you miss meetings and financial commitments which were scheduled? Don’t worry! Super CRM has the option to remind you of the upcoming things and never let you forget the essential meetings and dealings.

Super Customer Relationship Management software